Web Care Plans

Website Care Plans

Are you daunted by the idea of looking after the technical aspects of your website? Don’t worry, I can take care of it all for you and report back to you what’s been done to keep your website safe and running.

What does it all mean?



Reliable backups of website and database files to secure your data for peace of mind.


Update of your core WordPress files, plugins and themes to improve security and give you access to any new features released.


Real-time security checks for malicious software (malware) and vulnerabilities so your website is kept clean and secure.

Uptime Monitoring

Monitoring of your website to ensure it is always available and notification of any downtime issue.

content management

Essential edits and simple changes to your site are sometimes necessary to


Testing of your website to see where you can improve loading times, which will help keep your website popularity and search engine ranking.


Get the best performance out of your website by getting rid of clutter like spam comments that are taking up space in your database.


Understand who your visitors are and how they are reaching you to continue growing your online presence.

SEO Ranking

Keep track of your keyword ranking, plus see who your competitors are and how you’re performing against them.

Still Not Sure?

If you’re still not sure what you need, get in touch and I can decide how to best help you.